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Mystic Barbarism

"No Way Back" T-shirt

"No Way Back" T-shirt

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Out of the gloom he came, awesome and terrible, shaking a hellish mane, serrated black steel drawing blood from the air itself. The fell eyes burned, and smote my own with cold light. Something from the deepest and the most horrible and unmentionable chasms of the world; and the speed...

Before I could raise my hand against the daemon it was there before me, a vortex of razor-death... My war-gear was drenched in potent vapours of mighty magic spells, ensorceled by the most sacred rites, imbued with all the powers of the moon and stars... but it was not enough in the face of this hyper-violent lord of hell...

My corpse now wanders, a prisoner in the churning tunnels of this black tartarus, and it has done so now for uncounted ages. I am abandoned by time, one among all those others who ventured into lands no mortal has right to, chained to un-life by the most evil sorceries, while the haunted baying of my loyal hound echoes in my ears for eternity.

There's no way back, but perhaps... through...

Printed on red or black Alstyle heavy cotton. On February 19th I will close pre-orders and have these made, extras are not guaranteed.



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